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We offer products for all industries. For each of our product groups, we offer You products from recognized brands.
Some of our major partners are Calumet from the USA representing Bel-Ray and Royal Purple. Bel-Ray is the market leader in lubricants for the food industry – both oil, grease and aerosol. Royal Purple is strong on industrial products – including the new BioMax series, which are degradable oils and fat products. And we offer you Royal Purple’s entire well-known oil program for motorsport. Addinol is one of our newest players in oil, grease, lubricants and aerosols, here you will only be impressed by the selection and the possibilities. For our cleaning and car care series, we offer You a large product program from German Stockmeier Chemie and Abena, which are strong in soap, stationery and dispensers.
In addition to our partner brands, we offer you our own developed brands that represent 5 of our major areas of expertise. They are developed and adapted to the demand in the field. Our specialist consultants advise and help find solutions and products that suit all sizes of tasks.

Below you can read more about our brands and what each of the 5 stands for.

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Socko Teknik

Socko Teknik is one of our oldest brands, which represents our oil, grease and lubricants. With major partners: Total, Bel-Ray, Royal Purple and our own private label Socko Teknik.


Occo represents our cleaning and environmental lines for industry, institutions as well as roads and parks. With roots dating back to 1980 in Denmark, we have constantly developed products and solutions that make a difference.


Klartek offer products of the highest quality for effective cleaning, specialized for the automotive and transport industry. Most of the products here are aimed at truckers, car dealers and the transport industry.

Clever Bio Clean

Clever Bio Clean is a brand that offers cleaning products for cleaning systems. Clever Bio Clean are clean and environmentally friendly products that have been developed for the aerospace, wind turbine, food and pharmaceutical industries. The cleaning fluids are biodegradable and water-based.

Clever Hygiene System

Clever Hygiene System is a brand that focuses on personal hygiene, hygiene on surfaces or in production facilities. We present products that are safe and easy to use. Including D-San which is used for surface disinfection from individual tasks to fully automatic disinfection systems in production plants.

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