About Socco

In 2019, Socko Teknik and Occo were merged into one company, Socco A/S. In January 2023, Klartek ApS also joined the company Socco A/S. Today we work under several brands Socco A/S, Socko Teknik, Occo, Klartek, Clever Hygiene System and Clever Bio Clean, but all under one common organization, vision and values.
The company is owned by Kim Olesen, Bo Klæstrup, Rasmus Hansen & Jens K. Jensen.

Socco A/S specializes in the import, development and sale of oil, grease, chemicals, cleaning of the highest standards and environmentally friendly cleaning products. The company is known for acting as the customer’s problem solver in production and maintenance departments throughout Denmark, Greenland and Germany.

We work with more than 10,000 standard item numbers within sprays, oils, greases, chemicals, cleaning and sustainable environmental products.

We have a force of programs in the food and pharmaceutical industry where we can offer top quality products that are NSF, USDA, H1 and 3H approved. Our suppliers are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified.

At Socco A/S, the environment and sustainability are highly valued, and it is important that our suppliers have the same vision of sustainability. We work closely with our partners and laboratories, who are constantly working to ensure you as a customer the best products. Our product lines come through tests and analyzes.