Our expertise, skills and specialization

Socco A/S delivers top professional products for you and your company. Today, we work with several companies under a common roof, which ensures that you, as a customer, only have to go to one place. We have a strength as a supplier to the food industry and offer you the industry’s broadest program in food-approved products. We can offer you top quality products that are NSF, USDA, H1 and 3H approved. We can offer you products from Bel-Ray that are ISO 9001:2015 certified. If you are facing an inspection, we are always ready to help you with the latest data sheets and certificates

Socco A/S specializes in the import, development and sale of oil, grease, chemicals, cleaning of the highest standards and environmentally friendly cleaning products. We want to act as your problem solver in the production and maintenance department.

We also supply everything you need within cleaning, stationery, truck care (washing and preparation), washing and dosing systems as well as cleaning tubs with environmentally friendly cleaning fluids. Our range is wide and our stock is large, as is our professional experience and expertise.

Our customers come from all over the country and all industries, large and small. We all value the same good experience regardless of size. We are your supplier throughout the Nordics incl. Greenland and the Faroe Islands as well as Germany.


Socko Teknik was founded in 1998 by Kim Olesen and was for several years a one-man company with the aim of helping the customer with oil, chemistry and lubrication tasks. Since then, Socko Teknik has grown, more employees have been added and more core products and services have been added.

In 2019, Socko Teknik and Occo, which are specialists in cleaning, paper and soap, were merged into one company, Socco A/S.
In January 2023, it was again time to expand our skills and expertise. Klartek ApS came along as specialists in the trucking industry and everything for maintenance, preparation and cleaning of trucks.
Today, all 3 companies go under a joint company Socco A/S. We currently work under several brands Socko Teknik, Occo, Klartek, Clever Hygiene System and Clever Bio Clean, which are our own, in addition we currently work with several large recognized brands.

Socco A/S is today one joint organisation, with a common vision and values.
The company is owned by Kim Olesen, Bo Klæstrup, Rasmus Hansen & Jens K. Jensen.